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Morgan Layne

Morgan Layne and I dated a few months back but there was alot of drama that kept us apart. She gave me a call last weekend and asked me to go on a dirt biking trip, having nothing to do and remembering how fucking hot the sex was I agreed to go. When we got back she was pretty worn out and passed out on me when we were making out. Morgan Layne wanted me to fuck her so badly and apologized for being so tired. When she knocked out, I went downstairs to call my buddy to shoot me creeping in on her sleeping. The minute we walked in I started stroking her blonde hair and gliding my hands down her busty chest and fingering her wet 18 year old pussy! I got fucking hard when I slid my cock in her warm mouth!! When I finished fucking her tight pussy I left Morgan Layne a good morning present on her baby face!

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